About The Tour

The Donegal Bay Waterbus is a purpose-built, luxury passenger boat, capable of comfortably taking 160 passengers on each trip. You have the options of being seated on the air-conditioned lower deck or the open-top decks on a sightseeing cruise that will create memories that last a lifetime.

The boat is fully equipped with state-of-the-art navigational and safety systems, ladies and gents restrooms, is wheelchair accessible, toilets and of course, full bar facilities, where you can partake of a selection of wines, spirits, beers, as you sit on the top deck in the Donegal sunshine, or on the comfortable cushioned seats below, sailing around Donegal Bay, letting life’s worries pass you by, and enjoying the a sing-song. The trip is smooth, with most commenting on the fact that they wouldn’t even think they are on a boat at all.

Points of Interest

Here are just some of the points of interest on your trip.
  • Burial place of the great Gaelic Chieftain Red Hugh O’Donnell the first and his wife Nuala. A seven foot high, bronze statue commemorating this chieftain can be seen on the quayside as the waterbus sets sail.
  • The Old Abbey, where the Annals of the Four Masters  were compiled between 1632 and 1636 AD.
  • Ballyboyle Island gets its name from the Clan of the O’Boyles who were sub-chieftains of the O’Donnell Clan from Donegal Castle.
  • The Hassans, the embarkation  point of the Coffin Ships carrying emigrants to Canada and North-America during Famine years.
  • The Old Booking Office of the White Star Line (Titanic) who ran the ships.
  • The Coastguard Station: Built by the British in 1866.
  • Donegal Golf Club at Murvagh is an outstanding par 73 links golf course. Designed by the legendary course architect, Eddie Hackett,
  • Rooneys Island: This Island was once inhabited by the O’Maoldory Clan who were Kings of Tir Conaill  prior to the O’Donnells.
  • Belles Isle with the ruins of an old Castle which was the home of Arthur Foster and his wife Annabelle.
  • Oyster and mussel farms run by local farmers
  • Wildlife in view includes; cormorants, cranes, ducks, swans, and oyster catchers.
  • A natural seal colony of approx. 200 seals can be seen. There are two species of seal – Harbour and Atlantic seals. (Seal viewing is tide dependant)
  • The Island of St. Ernans, St. Ernans House and its famine causeway.
  • Meenadreen Windfarm – One of the largest wind farms in Ireland.
  • Rossylongan Estate, which was owned by Mr Patrick McManus in 1915, who contributed to the foundation of the Irish State.
  • Abbot Ireland – Newly expanded and Donegal Town’s main employer
  • Magherabeg Abbey near Tullycullion Hill. This was a Franciscian Friary. The monks were spiritual and political advisers to the O’Donnell Clan

There are many more points of interest which will be pointed out by your guide.

On the return leg of your trip an onboard sing-a-long music caberet will keep you entertained as the waterbus glides back to the harbour.